Being a Guardian Angel of Sister

Oh, try to do the best for my sister is the hardest part of my life number 1. We, my parents, sister and i, live at a village which every single person who live near by us freely atractd with each other, sharing story, stuff, foods, and etc.

Mysister, the youngest member in my family was born 11 years ago, she grew up as a girl who easily got attached with some invinsible thing, or get ill. We, especially me, have tried my best to make a don’t go to any place, or don’t eat and drink some kind of foods. But, wee live at a village vibes. We can’t protect her as our command said so. She has friend who freely eat or drinks that kind of foods which she can’t reeally eat.The consequences are, First, if you eat or drink that kind of foods, you will be sick, and the last thing we’ve known that you have to go to your private doctor, and you hate it so much. Second, if you go to a place that something new for you or a place that i know that is exist, you’ll got attach with the invinsibbe things. How about the way out? We’ll gonna pick your private massage therapist up to home.

Being her guardian angel is so difficult, a forbidden place, an exceptional foods. It’s really cut off your growth.

But, how we can solve these kind of things? I don’t know. Or can you find me other way?


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